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My experience from having acupuncture with Leona was with amazing results. My arthritis in my hands has completely gone. My back and knees are better than they have been for years. Every now and then I have a slight problem with my back but I go for more treatment and then it’s fine again. I would recommend Leona every time. Her caring approach is gentle and soft and I feel confident in her hands. After having many years of pain, I can truly say my life has changed in many ways thanks to Leona.

-Karen, Hove

Before acupuncture I spent one day every weekend in bed with a severe migraine and vomiting. Since having acupuncture with Leona I have my weekends and my life back!

It was particularly good working with Leona as she takes the most thorough history incorporating mind and body. My overall experience has been very positive and helpful. I would recommend Leona and Acupuncture.

-Susan, Shoreham by Sea

Leona was recommended to me by an acupuncturist I had been seeing in Brighton, after I had moved to Shoreham. The initial consultation was so thorough I felt confident this was the right move, to continue ongoing treatment along the same lines as I had become used to. I have found acupuncture a good treatment for both my emotional and physical wellbeing, and go on a regular basis to maintain a healthy equilibrium. Leona’s approach is to treat the whole person, allowing me to talk about things, asking pertinent questions, to find out the whole picture, and not just the symptom. Sometimes the effect is immediate, bringing calm to a stressful period in my life, reducing back/neck/headaches. Other outcomes are more long term, balancing my hormones, and my mood swings.

Leona’s approach is very calm, thorough, and her manner is very reassuring. She listens, and truly engages with me each session. I always come away feeling that I have been looked after. I would recommend Leona without hesitation.

-Lucy, Shoreham by Sea


The atmosphere that Leona created was very relaxing and pleasant. Leona explained to me what she did and was very happy to answer any questions and concerns that I had.

Each session was different depending on how I felt and what I wanted to achieve, Leona was always attentive and consistent and I felt we were working as a team. I always felt that this was my space and that the treatment was specifically tailored to me.

After each session my mood ranged from great to fantastic.  I felt very expansive, wanting to share my good feeling with whoever I met, smiles and laughter came easy to me but also a quiet good feeling of what was possible and what I could achieve.

Whilst dealing with my main ailment we also talked about and treated aches and pains and any old ailments that were playing up. Over the weeks of treatment, I felt so much better about myself and my health. Leona has helped me in so many unexpected ways to feel more positive and dynamic.

With her professional and attentive treatment, Leona has helped me feel 100% better. Naturally, I do recommend Leona as a genuine, caring Acupuncturist with heartfelt thanks.

-David, Brighton

Generally speaking I have felt less than 100% for a long time, suffering with cluster migraines over a few years as well as pain from a shoulder and lower back injury suffered at work. My sleep pattern had been poor since my teens and had gotten worse since the birth of my son 2 years ago so days when I felt amazing, rested and ready for the day were not as frequent as I would have liked!
I initially saw Leona to help with my back pain but apart from making that a lot easier to cope with (pain was noticeably reduced), Leona also asked if she could look at my sleep and mood during the treatment. I have definitely seen an improvement in the length of time I do stay asleep which, of course, helps me to be more cheerful!
Leona explained when I booked the appointment that the initial consultation would be longer than future appointments as she would need to complete a detailed analysis of me as a whole, as she treats the whole person and not just the reason for the visit. I found the consultation to be very in-depth, reassuringly so, and it brought to the fore other issues that Leona says she can help me with. She was very friendly and knowledgable throughout and was careful to ensure that I felt comfortable during the process.
I found the experience to be as I expected and more. I am confident that Leona is the right persons to help treat me and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who has considered but never actually had acupuncture.

-Sarah, Shoreham By Sea

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